Monday, November 12, 2012

Dark Gardens Without You


All semblance of this life has passed from me now.
The dreams of children are but dust as am I.
What has happened to the promise of the one now divided in two?
Can the words ever mean anything now?
Can the future have any commitment to love after the dust from this day blows softly away?
Is anyone alive out there for I know there is no one alive in here?
The edges of my grief cannot be seen on the horizons of this sadness.
I had been through these doors before, so I thought,
but today they are entrance ways I had never imagined,
entrances into dark gardens where the only thing that grows
is my wish to give up and let this tide take me out to sea.
The wonderful notes of freedom played for me one day
when she came into my life and now the lyrical phrase so far away sends no hope
only goodbyes and with them the dreams of two souls tied together in a life of our own.
To smell the rains with her at my side and the creatures we care for with love, divine family.
I would give my soul for her but then I already had,
and now I wander these cold rainy beaches and see the winds blow over snow covered peaks
I will never touch but only imagine from afar,
and I know it is not my breath that she feels on her neck
or my lips that she longs for every moment when our kiss has faded.
Just to know she remembers me, that there still is a heart that beats inside me, inside her.
A dream now roams aimlessly in stations not long abandon.
I want to go home… I want to go home.

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